Tejas Agarwal

About me:

Hi! I am Tejas Agarwal, a 13 year old from India who loves to code in his free time. I've been developing for about a year now and learning more every day!

Technologies I use:

and more...


Deno Keyv, a simple, lightweight and easy to use Sqlite database wrapper for Deno.
Harmony, an easy to use, advanced Discord API library, for Deno. (Contributor)
Discord Clone, a very simple Discord clone made by me.
My Website, the website you are looking at right now.
Alexflipnote.rs, a Rust wrapper for the AlexFlipnote API
Alexflipnote.ts , a Deno wrapper for the AlexFlipnote API
Nessie, (W.I.P.) The chat app you needed.


ThetaHacks 1

Participated along with awesome teammates, William Lane, Aiden Bai, Melinda Chang and won The Organizers' Choice Award with the project Motif.

AngelHacks 2.0

Rocked again with, William Lane, Aiden Bai, Melinda Chang with the project Aplus